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    Why dog day care?

    By enrolling Your Dog in a day care, you can ensure your four-legged friend is able to release energy in a positive way throughout the day without being destructive.

    We provide a positively managed social environment for your precious family member to enjoy during the day while you can't be there. With friendly, trained and experienced staff we provide personal human care and constant supervision, space to run and play with plenty of other awesome canine company... Toys, games and of course those quiet comfy spots for a bit of R+R.

    We recommend twice a week to reinforce the positive aspects of day care. Special requirements - Should your dog have special dietary needs or medical needs, we can ensure these will be met.





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    Only people who are deeply passionate about dogs and who share our values can join our team.

    We believe this is one of the key things that underpins the phenomenal quality of care that we are famous for. We believe that a happy team equals happy dogs. So, we work hard to create an incredible working environment and culture that nurtures excellence.

    The Barking Lot is owned and founded by Janine Erasmus. Janine is an qualified instructor and behaviourist. She is a member of the SABCAP (the South African Board of Companion Animal Professionals), The Pet Professional Guild and Animal Behavior Consultants of SA.

    Janine is also the Branch Manager for two of the Mckaynine Training Schools in The Reeds and Groenkloof and has been instructing puppy and adult dog training courses for the past 25 years. She holds a number of prestigious qualifications in various dog arenas such as training, behaviour, day care to name a few.